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Id: 77
Ref: STC 14912
Title: A Survey of the New Religion, Detecting Manie Grosse Absurdities which it Implieth.
Year: 1603
Author: Matthew Kellison
Printer: Laurence Kellam
Categories: James I
Notes: 2 biblical epigraphs on title page, given in Latin with an English translation beneath: Matthew 7:[16]: 'Doe men gather grapes of thornes, or figges of thistles?'; 2 Timothy 3:[9]: 'They shal prosper no further: for their follie shal be manifest to al.' 32-page dedication addressed 'To the Most Highe, and Mightie Prince, James the first, by the grace of God, King of England, Scotland, Fraunce, and Ireland, Defendour of the Faithe.' Kellison was a Roman Catholic priest who, at the time of this book's publication, was regius professor at the University of Rhiems [ODNB]. In the dedication, Kellison asks that James relax penal laws against Catholics. Kellison's is one of a number of Catholic works dedicated to James in the first two years of his reign.
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