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Id: 79
Ref: STC 14939.5
Title: A Discovery of the unnaturall and traiterous Conspiracie of Scottish Papists, against God, his Church, their native Countrie, the Kings Majesties person and estate. Set downe, as it was confessed and subscribed by M. George Ker, then remaining in prison, and David Grahame of Fentrie, justly executed for his treason in Edinburgh. Whereunto are annexed, certaine intercepted Letters, written by sundry of that faction to the same purpose.
Year: 1603
Author: George Ker
David Grahame
Publisher: William Barley
Categories: James I
Notes: Publisher on title page given as W. Barley; William Barley from BBTI. First published by John Norton in Edinburgh in 1593 [STC 14938]. Another edition also printed in 1603, printed by Thomas Snodham for Thomas Este [see STC 14939]. Account, purportedly based on the letters and confessions of Ker and Grahame, of Scottish Catholic conspiracies of 1592 against James VI.
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