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Id: 91
Ref: STC 18018
Title: Certeine Matters Concerning the Realme of Scotland, composed together.
Year: 1603
Author: John Monipennie
Printer: Arnold Hatfield
Publisher: John Flasket
Categories: James I
Notes: Monipennie's name does not appear on the work; the attribution here comes from EEBO. Printer given as A. Hatfield on title page; Arnold Hatfield from BBTI. First printed by Robert Waldegrave in Edinburgh in 1594 as 'Certaine matters composed together' [STC 18016]. Another edition was also published in 1603 by Flasket, with no named printer and slight changes in layout of title page [see STC 18017]. Work concerning Scottish history and nobility, including a genealogy of Scottish kings culminating in James VI and I.
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