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Id: 93
Ref: STC 18251
Title: In Mortem Serenissimae Reginae Elizabethae. Naenia consolans.
Year: 1603
Author: Richard Mulcaster
Publisher: Edward Aggas
Categories: James I
Elizabeth I
Notes: Author's name not printed on title page. The Latin verse is signed Ri. Mulcaster. Mulcaster may also have contributed a Latin oration to James I's royal entry in 1604 [ODNB]. Latin epigraph on title page: 'Hoc solo officio potui me ostendere gratum'. Translated on the second title page in the work: 'This onely way I could declare my thankefull mind.' In two parts, each of which has a separate title page. The first part is verse in Latin: 'In Serenissimae Reginae Elizabethae mortem Naenia consolans.' The second part is an English translation of the first: 'The Translation of certaine latine verses written uppon her Majesties death, called A Comforting Complaint.'
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