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Id: 97
Ref: STC 18586
Title: Elizaes Memoriall. King James his arrivall. And Romes Downefall.
Year: 1603
Author: Anthony Nixon
Printer: Thomas Creede
Publisher: John Baylie
Categories: James I
Elizabeth I
Notes: Printer given as T.C. on imprint; Thomas Creede suggested by STC. Author's name does not appear on the title page. Dedicatory poem is signed A.N. For the attribution to Nixon, see ODNB. Epigraph on title page: 'The memoriall of the just be blessed; but the name of the wicked shall rotte' [Proverbs 10:7]. Contains three poems. The first is an elegy on the death of Elizabeth, citing the three triumphs of her reign as: the preservation of God's word; peace; and 'plentie'. The second poem is a celebration of James's arrival, which traces his genealogy back to the unification of the houses of York and Lancaster and compares him to both David and Solomon. The third poem prophesies the downfall of Rome. For discussion, see Dennis Kay, 'Melodious Tears: The English Funeral Elegy from Spenser to Milton' (Oxford, 1990), p. 79.
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