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Id: 98
Ref: STC 19804
Title: Elizabetha quasi vivens, Eliza's Funerall. A fewe Aprill drops, showred on the Hearse of dead Eliza. Or The Funerall teares of a true hearted Subject.
Year: 1603
Author: Henry Petowe
Printer: Edward Allde
Publisher: Matthew Law
Categories: James I
Elizabeth I
Notes: Printer given as E. Allde on title page; Edward Allde from BBTI. Publisher given as M. Lawe on title page; Matthew Law from BBTI. Author given as H.P. on title page. Dedicatory epistle to Richard Hildersham signed Henry Petowe; see also ODNB. Verse induction followed by a sequence of 8 sonnets about Elizabeth's funeral. The final sonnet describes James I's accession. Text of the order and proceedings of Elizabeth's funeral. The same text is printed in 'Expicidium' by Richard Niccols [see STC 18520] and in editions of Henry Chettle's 'England's Mourning Garment' [see STC 5121 and 5122]. This is the second edition of the work. For the first, see STC 19803.5, which does not include the dedicatory epistle to Hildersham. A text of the second edition is included in Nichols, IV, pp. 228-234. For discussion see Kay (1990), pp. 88-90.
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