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Order of a Mughal official to Jayanti Das and other landlords granting lands as reward for services

Since Jayanti Das, Narhari Das and others have populated and cultivated the district of Dhar, a tax-free grant (inʿam) of 200 bighas of land is made to them.

Functional document type: Orders

Formal document type: Parvana

Themes: Grants, Taxation and Tribute

Hijri-qamri calendar: 984
Gregorian calendar: April 1576 – March 1577

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invocation (top centre): Arabic

خلد اله تعلی مالکه اندر

He [God] is
May God make his kingdom eternal

authorisation (middle right and centre): Persian

غلام جھانگیر شاھ یعقوب ۹۸۲

[Round black ink seal] Yaqub, servant of Jahangir Shah1 982

[Round black ink seal] 2

main text: Persian

1چون مطیع السلام جینتی داس و نرھرداس وغیرہ دولتخواہ اند و در باب ابادانی و معموری پرگنہ دار فی
2مندو اھتمام می نمایند بنابرین از ابتدای خریف سیچقانیل موازی دویست بیگه زمین افتادہ
3از موضع گرداود وغیرہ از پرگنه مذکور در وجه انعام مطع اسلام جینتی داس مذکور وغیرہ مقر شد باید که متصدیان
4مھمات و معاملان پرگنه مذکور اراضی مذکور را [بتنخواه] واگذاشته بتصرف ایشان گذارند که باستطاعت خود
5مزروع نموده حاصل آنرا صرف معاش خود نموده بدعاگوی دوام دولت بندگان حضرت ___ مشغول باشند
6و بعلت مالواجب و اخراجات دیوانی مزاحمت عامل ایشان نرساند و آن مطع اسلامان در باب ابادانی
7 و معموری پرگنه مذکور چنان سعی نمایند که اثار دولتخواھی ایشانان بظھور رسد سنه ۹۸۴

1Since Obedient to Islam Jayanti Das and Narhar[i] Das etc. are loyal and have demonstrated diligence in the populating and managing of pargana D[h]ar in
2[sarkar] Mandu; on this basis, from the beginning of the autumn season of Sichqan-il [Year of the Mouse], 200 bighas of fallow land
3from the mauza Gardawad etc. from the said pargana is allocated to Obedient to Islam Jayanti Das etc. as inʿam. Officers
4of the said pargana must give over the said lands [as an assignment]3 and transfer [the lands] into their [the assignees’] possession; so that getting these lands cultivated through their own efforts
5[and] using the collections from these [lands] for their living expenses, they may occupy themselves with praying for the endurance of the good fortune of the servants of the Lord ___ .
6And the [officers] of the diwani should not trouble them on account of land tax and other taxes. And these [people who are] Obedient to Islam should
7make such efforts for the populating and governing of the said pargana [so] that their loyalty becomes evident. Year 984.

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clerical notes (middle): Persian

1 ۲۰۰ بیگه زمین

2 مطیع السلام
3جینتی داس

4 از موضع [گرداود]
5 ۹۰ [بیگه]

6 بهگتو
7 از موضع [انارد]
8 ۷۰ [بیگه]

9 [سورت]
10 از موضع [مغل پور|موهن پور]
11 ۲۰ [بیگه]

12 نرهرداس
13 از موضع [مات پورا]
14 ۲۰ [بیگه]

15 [بانجک]
16 موضع
17از موضع مذکور
18 ۲۰


1 200 bighas of land4

2Obedient to Islam
3Jayanti Das

4 From the village [Gardawad]
590 [bighas]

6 Bhagto
7 From the village [Anarad]
870 [bighas]

9 [Surat]
10 From the village [Mughalpur|Mohanpur]
1120 [bighas]

12 Narhar Das
13 From the village [Matpura]
1420 [bighas]

15 [Banjak]
16 Village
17From the aforesaid village


clerical notes (bottom): Persian

بتاریخ [نقل]

On the date [copy]


1. While it is possible that this is a reference to Mughal emperor Jahangir, this interpretation is uncertain as he would have been about five years old in the year the seal was issued. [BACK]

2. Below and to the left of the first seal. Its position somewhat overlapped by the maintext is unusual. [BACK]

3. While the term 'tankhwah' usually refers to pay, or to a jagir assigned in lieu of pay (see Habib, The Agrarian System of Mughal India, p. 329), its usage here in the context of a grant of inʿam may refer more generically to any assignment on the land revenue. For this sense, see Wilson, Glossary, p. 509. [BACK]

4. The amounts of lands granted to each grantee is written in siyaq numerals; the information is presented in tabular format. [BACK]

5. The total amount of land mentioned in these entries is 220 bighas rather than the 200 bighas mentioned in the section header. This discrepancy, combined with slight difference in the handwriting and ink colour of the last entry suggest that the last entry may be a later addition. [BACK]


territorial division, larger than district; generic term for a sovereign or government (Mughal term)

a measure of land, corresponding to between 1600 and 3200 acres depending upon the region

village (Mughal fiscal-administrative division)


reward, grant of tax-free land


revenue department


a measure of land, corresponding to between 1600 and 3200 acres depending upon the region

a Perso-Arabic accounting shorthand that uses cryptic symbols to represent numbers

a measure of land, corresponding to between 1600 and 3200 acres depending upon the region

a measure of land, corresponding to between 1600 and 3200 acres depending upon the region


Grantee: Jayanti Das
Grantee: Narhar Das
Grantee: Bhagto




Dar al-Athar al-Islamiyyah, LNS 235 MS a
Archival Collection: Purshottam Das collection

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