Below are two catalogues that include information on all the documents included in our Mesopotamia Commission and Iraq ‘Chilcot’ Inquiry collections. The Mesopotamia Commission catalogue includes all National Archives metadata, making it easy for you to match our hosted documents with those held by the National Archives.

Regarding the Iraq ‘Chilcot’ Inquiry catalogue: There are problems with dead links and missing documents on the archived Iraq Inquiry website(s), hosted by the National Archives (as of 2022). To resolve this problem, we have compiled this archive and catalogue to preserve all the documents currently hosted on the archived Iraq Inquiry website(s) as well as making accessible all documents unavailable/missing from the website (that we received through multiple FOI requests). Our Iraq ‘Chilcot’ Inquiry catalogue includes metadata created by the WFTA team for ease of searching and reference. We created our own metadata/identifiers – as the National Archives had not attributed any – and we extracted the metadata (date; author) from the content of the documents. The type of identifier refers to the source of the document (e.g., FOI9 was the 9th FOI document received from the National Archives).

The following is a key of these identifier sources:

  • FOI – Freedom of information (documents received by WFTA team from the National Archives)
  • WE – Written evidence (section on Iraq Inquiry website)
  • SFTI – Statements from the Inquiry (section on Iraq Inquiry website)
  • PS – Public submissions (section on Iraq Inquiry website)
  • ILS – International law submissions (section on Iraq Inquiry website)
  • II – International interlocuters (section on Iraq Inquiry website)
  • RD – Relevant documents (section on Iraq Inquiry website)
  • IP – Inquiry protocols (section on Iraq Inquiry website)
  • PE – Private evidence (section on Iraq Inquiry website)
  • KIC – Key inquiry correspondence (section on Iraq Inquiry website)
  • DE – Declassified documents (section on Iraq Inquiry website)


Mesopotamia Commission WFTA Catalogue

Iraq 'Chilcot' Inquiry WFTA Catalogue